The purpose of INSuRE is to demonstrate the operational management of one rotary wing RPAS, piloted from a fixed station on the ground, evaluating its interaction with other vehicles in a non-segregated airspace, the operational aspects in implementing nominal ATCO procedures, the safety aspects to be assessed to allow safe integration in controlled airspaces and the human factor aspects addressing the workload and reactions of both pilot and ATCOs.

In particular, the prime objectives of the INSuRE Demonstration campaign are:

Objective 1. Demonstrating the safe integration of the RPAS in airport surface operations preliminary to take off and landing.

Objective 2. Demonstrating the integration of the RPAS in non-segregated Air Traffic Management through a Demonstration Campaign that can significantly test all aspects of integration, from controlling procedures and verification of the integrity of the control link, to communication between the RPAS pilot and ATCOs.

Objective 3. Demonstrating safe execution of RPAS flights using a Detect & Avoid (D&A) capability compatible with existing operating procedures, and to identify alternative RPAS surveillance, communications and navigation solutions.